Phases of the Heart

by Pete Kronowitt

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Produced by John Alagia
(with the exception of #10 Drink produced by Doug Derryberry)


released June 30, 1995

Pete Kronowitt: acoustic guitar, vocals
John Trupp: brush drums and clave
John David Coppola: upright bass
Ann Wolbach: flutes
Antoine Sanfuentes: drums
Andy “Sy” Syler: drums on Drink
Bo Eckard: bass
Doug Derryberry: lead guitar on Haunted Heart and bass on Drink
Matt Scannell: lead guitar on Passive Day and Necessary Evils
Vince Edwards: piano
Jennifer Ferguson: backing vocals on 1 Can’t Love Enough 4-2, Passive Day and Pickin’ Up The Pieces
Nancy Moran & Fett: backing vocals on Pickin’ Up The Pieces
Recorded at Rutabaga Studios in Arlington, VA

Album design & layout by Lawrence Marie.


all rights reserved



Pete Kronowitt San Francisco, California

dude with a guitar


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Track Name: Haunted Heart
Glimpse of a shadow
Just caught my eye
I swear I saw you
Just passin’ by

Book on a shelf, shattered dream
This is the worst thing I have ever seen
How does Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe
Combine in one person I’ll never know

I got skeletons in my closet
Ghosts in my attic
I’ve got a haunted heart
Haunted heart, Haunted heart
I’ve got a haunted heart

I swear I saw through you today
I don’t know how
I’m afraid of what I might say
But that’s the way it is now
I think of you more as time goes by
I probably will till the day I die

I’m gonna find me a fallen angel
To chase my dreams away
I’m gonna find me a fallen angel
Oh, I need her today
Track Name: Like A Glove
Hey, where are you going?
And who’s that guy standing next to you?
Well I never really liked cretins
Well he’s short and hairy and carries a gun too

I never knew nothin’ ‘bout love
The other shoe don’t fit like a glove

Hey, there’s a role reversal
I don’t think I can get used to this
Well I’m not too controversial
But the more beer I drink the more I’m pissed

Are you a fair weather friend?
I think I’m at my rope’s end
And I feel like I’m just killing time
Cause I can’t stop on just one thin dime

Caught between two worlds and all alone
I wanted to go back but you can’t go home
You put me too high but I could not fly
Now you’ll find I fallen from a pedestal
Lessons learned
Track Name: Rescuer
Tormented soul just trying to mend
Night photographer just plays pretend

An improv dancer with her own sense of style
She looked at me with a little girl’s smile

Eclectic woman where do you go?
I said, what you need you already know

Rescuer, why don’t rescue me

I need a gentle sculptor to break this shell
A gentle sculptor who can end this living hell

Rescuer, why don’t rescue me

A drunken father prone to lie
Now she’s trying to reestablish family ties

Sitting by the lake, alone with me
She turned and said; “just hold me”

Rescuer, why don’t rescue me
Rescue me
Track Name: Pickin’ Up The Pieces
I remember those days on the beach girl
And the night in the lifeguard stand
Your memory is ingrained in my brain
It was a thrill to just touch your hand

Pickin’ up the pieces of my heart
And try to start over again
Pickin’ up the pieces of my heart
And live my life without you

Well, I made some mistakes girl
And we both played the fool
Between the bottles of champagne
And those nights that we spent alone in the pool
Well, we’ll get through with the help of my friends
My family will pull me through and I’ll be back together again

Woke up this morning and fell out of bed
And found a piece of my heart on the floor
I was surprised to find another piece sitting outside the door
Well, my heart lies all the way from home to DC
Some people are surprised to find that parts of my heart still lie in New Jersey
Track Name: 1 Can’t Love Enough 4-2
Played the fool again
Let love slip through my hands again
There I go again
Feel I’ve lost my best friend
I never learn but I ask why
Always burn every time I try

No matter what we feel
No matter what we do
1 can’t love enough 4 2

I tried so hard
I tried everything
I cried so hard
I gave you everything
So concerned, was it a lie?
Then you turned, didn’t say goodbye

No matter what we feel
Or what we go through
1 can’t love enough 4 2

We cross our lines
We dot our T’s
We pass our time
So foolishly
We never learn, but some ask why
Then we’ll burn, after we die
Track Name: Passive Day
Sun’s beating down, yeah, it’s real hot
My mind is roving but my body’s not
I think I want to stay inside today
Sit and dream my life away

Well, you know what I say
I declare this a holiday
It’s just another,
Passive day

Monday mourning got the ‘larm ringing
I think I wanna keep sleepin’
My baby turns and she starts to play
Well I think I’m gonna blow off work today

Well, you know she say
She says it’s sort of a holiday
It’s turned into a
Passion day

Spotaneous laziness
A willing bout of contemptuousness
Everyone needs to seek their own bliss

Friends go out and they do the town
You decide you want to hang around
What I’m trying to say it all right
If you want to stay inside tonight
Track Name: Necessary Evils
Taxes, tobacco, religion and war
Don’t tell me what’s worth fighting for
Well, politicians will push around
While the media presses their sights and their sounds
Blood and oil will mix on a beach
And chemicals, well, it makes me sick

Necessary evils, tell me why
Necessary evils

Half cocked aimed and ready to fire
I’m dancing hot on live wire
Capital punishment knocks ‘em all dead
And they tell that all our blood is red
Inner city kids are looking for heroes
And athletes stick shit up their nose

Society tells us what to do
From conflicting points of view
It’s just not necessarily true
But what it comes down to
Is society is just me living with you

Unemployment keeps wages down
So business makes profit and the economy is sound
Hunting kills by wrong place and time
And poverty lets only the strong survive
Love’s supply never meets demand
A fruitless search for a brotherhood of man
Track Name: Within Me
I still feel you within me
I know you needed to be free
You said you wanted to go out on your own
And now my love, like a bird, has flown

I will set you free
but I know
I can’t let you go
within me

I still want you here with me
And I want things the way they used to be
You’re in my soul and you’re on my mind
The only thing on my side is time

I have set you free
but I know
I can’t let you go
within me
Track Name: Follow The Leader
We fled Pakistan to find a free land
Now I fight for what I believe
My son asked me when I’d be home again
I told him I’d be home soon

And I said: “Sometimes you follow the leader
You might not like where you go
But there’s a price for freedom
That’s what the leaders say they know”

At school my boy did fight for what he thought was right
The other kids they called me a spy
We talked on the phone. I said he’d never be alone.
He told me about his black eye.

And I said: “Sometimes kids follow the leader
Though they may not be right
But there’s a price for freedom
To be a man you must fight”

At war I say a boy. He used a gun just like a toy
Till the shot caught me in the gut
I was lying on the ground. I couldn’t make a sound.
I looked up and saw my boy cry

Sometimes you follow the leader
You might not like where you go
But are you fighting for freedom?
That’s what the leaders say they know
Track Name: Drink
I’m sittin’ in a dark room with no lights on
I’m gonna follow in the footsteps of Paul Gauhin
I’m gonna paint lots of women
with no tops on

Somebody told me that Jean Paul Sartre
Said “Freedom is drinking”
Hey, that’s a start
Let me tell you
He’s no Rene Descartes

But if you can’t control what you do
You got some thinking to do
I think I’ll have a drink
I think therefore I drink

If you drink too much
And you’re losing touch
It’s time you settle down
Well, maybe one more round

I read Jim Morrison said
That poems and songs
live long past the dead
Then he said the times near
to next door for a beer

The world spins out of control
Then this thing called * takes hold
*(insert current event here)
Well I’m gonna get wild
Before the night gets old

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