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A Lone Voice

by Pete Kronowitt

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Who am I but a lone voice standing in a field They say no one will listen but A change is gonna come Who am I? Just one person with the camera on my phone there's no place left to hide now A change is gonna come Chorus: A change is gonna come, A change is gonna come All it takes is just a voice, And a change is gonna come Who am I? Just a policeman breaking down the big blue wall I may lose my job but That change is gonna come Who am I? A politician who won't take those corporate funds I may not get elected Without some change from everyone Chorus Who am I? Just a class clown pointing toward the truth Providing catharsis Now a change is going to come Who am I? Just a schoolgirl on a bus n Pakistan The gun man’s bullet didn't kill me Now a change is going to come Chorus Who am I? Just a tech nerd working for the NSA Releasing all those secrets And now that change is gonna come Who are we but a few folks just sounding the alarm Been a long time coming now and...A change is gonna come Chorus Who am I but a lone voice?
Got Guns? 02:47
The NRA is here to stay Go and get some guns today There's a reason it rhymes with fun Go out today and get a gun Guns in the belfry, guns in the pews Good guys with guns drinking lots of booze Hellfire and brimstone that's where it's at Don't be surprise when you hear Rat-a-tat-tat. The NRA won't go away...so Everybody better learn to pray Don’t tell me that you're too young If you have a hand, get a gun Guns in the playground Guns at school Waterproof guns in the backyard pool Sticks and stones may break your bones and There's an app for that, it's a gun Click click boom you need a gun in every room Click click boom then silence fills the room Suicides, and accidents and random acts of violence That ringing in your ears is eternal silence Guns kill people, children too Eight kids die every day I guess they don't got guns Boom boom bye-bye Stick a bullet in your eye I wish I may I wish I must Get shot and then you turn to dust The empty chamber is your head No need to fill that thing with lead That barrel of monkeys is the NRA Guns in asylums, guns in bars What do you do without a gun in your car? If you don't got a gun and you better get on the run cause you know you need.....
television’s glowing like the writing on the wall we’re underneath the covers I’m feeling fragile and small she’s upbeat and courageous tho she’ll never leave this bed she’s got tears in the back of her head Chorus: she’s moving on without me, some spirits can’t be kept she’s floating in my arms while i’m hangin’ to a thread unraveled by love, free of regret she’s got tears on the back of her head I’m trying to remember every word she ever said willing to deny the peace I must accept my eyes can’t see the light of night so I listen for her breath she’s got tears on the back of her head
You Are Here 02:39
The stillness is startling, this time of year. The smell of the Chesapeake, and empty cans of beer. Sparks and fireflies, they disappear. You are here. Half-moon over the marsh, in an endless sky. Logs on the fire, on this summer night. Sparks and fireflies, they disappear. You are here. Sparks and fireflies, they disappear. You are here. That's the way...time moves on. Scraps of light, then they're gone. But I know Just one thing Just one thing Just one thing We have this moment Sparks and fireflies
Taxes, tobacco, religion and war Don’t tell me what’s worth fighting for Well, politicians will push around While the media presses their sights and their sounds Blood and oil will mix on a beach And chemicals, well, it makes me sick Necessary evils, tell me why Necessary evils Half cocked aimed and ready to fire I’m dancing hot on live wire Capital punishment knocks ‘em all dead And they tell that all our blood is red Inner city kids are looking for heroes And athletes stick shit up their nose Society tells us what to do From conflicting points of view It’s just not necessarily true But what it comes down to Is society is just me living with you Unemployment keeps wages down So business makes profit and the economy is sound Hunting kills by wrong place and time And poverty lets only the strong survive Love’s supply never meets demand A fruitless search for a brotherhood of man
If you feel that we're on the brink Don't believe everything you think You may know what you think you know The Puppet master puts on a damn good show You think you know what is true There's an ad and it's on Buzzfeed It makes you mad so you rant and tweet he got you hooked and reeled you in that puppet master got you, buy his strings ;-) Lies permeate the land of the free Just because it's shiny and new, doesn't mean it's true Votes can be bought in this red white and blue We're all bought & sold in this red white and blue Look up, look around you What do you see So bound and tangled Time to cut yourself free There's a day not long from now And a way to change it all right now Then you'll see, you'll finally see The hidden power of truth and clarity You now can cut others free
There ain't nothin There ain't nothin There ain't nothin like holding your hand Years pass like a whisper After all we've been through I can't imagine Time without you The distance between us, just disappears as our palms press, over the years One hand keeps us grounded The other is free It's still we That ring on your finger helps me understand the unflinching truth is there in our hands Turn over I'll hold you It's the sweetest demand But there ain't nothin like holding your hand there ain't nothin like holding your hand
It’s your body that gives you the right to choose It’s your choice don’t let them take that away from you Time to march stand up for your right Speak out your mind don’t give up the fight Roe vs. Wade, it’s the decision Don’t let ‘em make a fatal revision No butcher’s gonna cut no friend of mine The color’s gray, it’s not black or white You may not know what’s wrong or right Don’t let personal circumstance dictate your stance It’s your body that makes it your choice, speak out your mind Yeah, it’s your body that makes it your choice, don’t give up the fight It’s your body It’s your choice Body, choice and mind It’s your body
We fled Pakistan to find a free land Now I fight for what I believe My son asked me when I’d be home again I told him I’d be home soon And I said: “Sometimes you follow the leader You might not like where you go But there’s a price for freedom That’s what the leaders say they know” At school my boy did fight for what he thought was right The other kids they called me a spy We talked on the phone. I said he’d never be alone. He told me about his black eye. And I said: “Sometimes kids follow the leader Though they may not be right But there’s a price for freedom To be a man you must fight” At war I say a boy. He used a gun just like a toy Till the shot caught me in the gut I was lying on the ground. I couldn’t make a sound. I looked up and saw my boy cry Sometimes you follow the leader You might not like where you go But are you fighting for freedom? That’s what the leaders say they know
The Beast 02:45
I went out to the Uptown theatre Just to watch the big screen And all of the people were watching This big bad rape scene So I took off on out the theatre Saw two lovers, they were hand in hand Till they started fussin’ and fightin’ And he slapped her with his backhand We got to control the beast from being free Then we control what will be I can’t read the paper Too much bad news out there All this violence and killing And nobody seems to care So I’ll just keep on climbing The same hill I climbed yesterday And when frustrations start mounting I pick up this guitar and play I just can’t believe it It’s happened again This time it’s home When it’s my girlfriend Damn those people Why can’t they control The ugliness that lies Deep in their very souls
She Gives 03:06
You can tear my arms off And seer out my eyes if you want On a rack from limb to limb But you won’t pierce this armor again Credit where credit is due but you take the prize It takes a river millions of years to wear down a rock this size Instead of dreams on my pillow I’m a rolled up armadillo Admiring your handiwork laying on the floor You walk right on over me as you waltz right out the front door Don’t talk to your mother the way you talk to me Sometimes you need a hearing aid just so you can see You drag around that black cloud like the “L” you wear so proud She’s so damn strong she knocks me down Without a touch We had learned to get along It just takes time What make think she’s bigger than she is You will steal your heart while she gives and gives and gives She gives and gives and gives
Perfect Day 02:33
You had a perfect day Then you went faraway All the pain, All the fear That one day, Did disappear You know we... Like a light in the dark A single day so long ago could not stop, the highs & lows But on that day, You...were...you You know we love you


released July 15, 2016

©2016 Mean Bean Records, ASCAP

Produced by Phil Madeira
Recorded by Sean Sullivan
Mixed by Todd Robbins
Mastered by Richard Dodd
Additional engineering by Jaime Durr (Hyde Street Studios) and Jay Pellicci (Perfect Day @ Tiny Telephone)
Chris Donohue – bass and is the great chart maker
Halley Elwell – background vocals on Holding Your Hand
Dennis Holt - drums & percussion
Pete Kronowitt – vocals, acoustic guitar
Phil Madeira – acoustic & electric guitars, piano, Hammond organ, & accordion
David Mansfield - acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin & violin
Background vocals on Change Is Gonna Come: Halley Elwell, Eric Kamm, Justin Hetrick, Jack Kertzman, Judith May, Jaimeson Durr
Recorded at the Butcher Shoppe in Nashville, Hyde Street Studios and Tiny Telephone in San Francisco

Artwork: Dan Schuman at Indescom
Natalie Burdick: cover photo
Other photo credits: John David Coppola


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Pete Kronowitt San Francisco, California

dude with a guitar


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